A Winter Rail Trail Hike!

The Bluemoonistic Team - Our selfies come with a Canon Mark III, a tripod and self timer!  

The Bluemoonistic Team - Our selfies come with a Canon Mark III, a tripod and self timer!  

In our opinion Winter Hikes are the best!  This past Sunday the Bluemoonistic Team set out for a day along the Virginia Creeper Trail.  The temps were almost 50 degrees and perfect by our standards.  We began by parking in the Damascus VA Town Park and headed through town.  Damascus is known as the "Trail Town USA" with both the Appalachian Trail and the 17 mile VA Creeper Trail on their doorstep.  We love their town slogan "Crossing Paths" - very appropriate for this little village that is known for all its outdoor activities.  The VA Creeper Trail is well known as a Biker Trail and in the summer there are so many bicycles at times that it is a challenge to actually "walk" the trail, but come winter you can virtually have the entire trail to yourself!  Naturally, being off season there were not a lot of businesses open in Damascus but that was not our goal.  We were off for a winter outdoor adventure!  However, check out all Damascus has to offer at their website!

Damascus Blog 4.jpg

Equipped with our camera gear and good hiking shoes, we traveled through Damascus and noticed all the inns and cottages that come spring we know will be filled.  It is always fascinating how you notice things that you don't even see in the summer months.  Without leaves on the trees and grass growing up along the edges of the path, one sees a whole different landscape in winter. 

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We were quickly out of town and making our way into the natural mountain beauty.  Laurel Creek runs along and crosses the VA Creeper Trail.  There are many side paths that allow you to venture down to the creek's edge to have a closer look.  That we did!  It allowed us the opportunity to capture some wonderful winter moments.  There was still ice and snow along the creek's edges and we knew we just had to photograph this magic.  Walking along the creek's edge, the roar of the rushing waters blocks out all other sounds and made us feel like we were the only people on the planet.  

Dale at Laurel Creek 1 - blog (1 of 1).jpg
Laurel Creek Winter 3 - Blog.jpg

These winter wonderland moments are brought to you by Bluemoonistic Images.  You can find these and other photos on our website.  Take a moment to look at them and we hope they will inspire you to take a winter hike somewhere in our beloved Blue Ridge Mountains.  The silence of a winter forest with mountain views is something everyone should experience!